Hi there!

Technology is fascinating - and the more we venture into the future, the more diverse and exotic it becomes. More then ever before, this is truly the age of innovation where technology is becoming all-pervasive – and we need people who live and breathe it.

I am a technology enthusiast and a seasoned full-stack problem solver with a diverse set of skills both as a hobbyist and as a professional. I specialize in software engineering, but I am ready to learn, try and delve into anything technology-related (software, hardware, networking, security, design - you name it).

These days I am especially interested in the following topics:

► AI and Deep Learning - from expert systems to autonomous agents
► BCI - brain-to-anything, AR, VR, wearable tech
► The Maker Movement and grassroots disruption it brings to everything
► Big Data analytics and IoT hyper-connectivity
► The push to go mobile and “live” in the Cloud

Are we on the verge of the Singularitarian future? I guess we will find soon enough.

My name is Edward Goikhman (or simply Eddie) and I’m commonly known as st2rseeker on the interwebs.

Currently I am the technical lead at BackBox and hacking away at multiple projects and technologies in my spare time.
You can find me here: